guidelines and requirements

Peer Educators

To maintain Active Status, a Peer Educator must earn 5 points each semester.

  • One continuing education meeting and one Peer Educator task are REQUIRED -- other points can be earned as desired (outside hours will count for a max of 2 points).

  • If this criterion is not met, the Peer Educator will be put on probation and will lose "Active Status".  

  • If they fail to earn 5 points the next semester, the Peer Educator will be downgraded to General Member.

  • The Chapter leader/President will be notified of their Peer Educators’ statuses at the end of each semester.


To obtain/maintain Active Status, a Member must earn 4 points each semester.

  • Points can be earned in any combination of categories (outside hours will count for a max of 2 points).

  • If this criterion is not met, the Active Member will be considered “Interim” and, if 4 points are not earned the next semester, will lose "Active Status" .

Attendance System

All events (and their point category) will be listed in a calendar on the NOMC website for the peer educator's convenience.

  • NOMC event attendance will be gathered and logged by an executive member.

  • Peer Educator duties and outside hours will require photographic proof and approval by the VP Internal Communications.

Reward System

  • Active Peer Educators and Members will be invited to an exclusive event at the end of the semester.

  • The Member/Peer Educator who earns the highest number of points each semester will win a prize.

  • Active Peer Educators and Active Members will be recognized on the NOMC website.

  • A list of Active Peer Educators (+ their student organization) will be sent to student government, who will update their list accordingly.

Please contact Gayla Kusin, VP of Internal Communications (peereducation.nomc@gmail.com) regarding any questions, comments, and concerns about points.