Hooked on

Our Safety


What is Hooked on Our Safety?

This social media initiative was started by one of our executive board members in 2017 in an effort to reduce sexual assault rates during the Red River Rivalry Weekend. “Hooked on OUr Safety” has been formally signed into a Joint Resolution between the Presidents of UT and OU along with the support of Student Government, Senate, and interpersonal violence prevention organizations at both universities.

Why focus on the Ut/ou Game?

This weekend is known as a “red zone” because it is associated with a spike in sexual assault rates. The Office of the Dean of Students cited that in the 2018-2019 school year, October had 91 Title IX reports - which is three times more than nearly any other month. This is believed to be predominantly due to an increased rate of assaults throughout the weekend in Dallas.

How can I help?

Every semester, NOMC trains peer educators on affirmative consent, bystander intervention, resources, and how to support survivors. Whether you are one of our peer educators or not, this page will act as a crash course on these elements for sexual assault prevention. Just remember, this is difficult information, but you can make a difference!

Here is our Peer Education PowerPoint:

This covers affirmative consent, alcohol/grey areas, bystander intervention, resources at both campuses and Dallas, and TX/OU Weekend Tips!

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