Meet the Team: What Starts Here Changes the World

Hey y’all! My name is Rylee Trotter, and I am the president-elect of Not On My Campus.

The work I do with this organization can be stressful, overwhelming, emotionally taxing, and frustrating at times, and I don’t regret one minute of it.

Upon becoming a student at UT, I became all too aware of the prevalence of rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses. I have more personal connections to this cause than I can count, and I wanted, more than anything, to take a stand against sexual violence.

My “big sis” in my sorority, Sophie (an amazing human who is currently the Peer Ed director), told me about her involvement in Not On My Campus and its efforts to educate students on sexual assault prevention, and since that day I knew I wanted to be as involved in NOMC as possible.

 For the next year and a half, I put my heart and soul into this organization. I went to meetings and events, I tabled, I educated myself on campus resources, I became a peer educator, and I took any chance I could to talk to the president and president-elect at the time (Meridith and Tatum, I love you both), who were warm and kind and made me feel so unbelievably accepted.

 I could not wait for the fall of my sophomore year, when I could finally apply for the 2018 executive board. I originally applied for Peer Ed director, and I remember walking into my interview, so nervous, because I had heard how competitive the applicant pool was that year. To my shock, I was offered the position of president-elect. I was and am still so humbled that Meridith and Tatum believed in me enough to give me this responsibility, and I will do everything in my power to make them proud. 

The past 8 months I have spent with this executive board have been some of the best of my life. It makes me so happy to work with so many motivated, inspiring people every day and to help their ideas come to life. Since I’ve been involved in NOMC, I have sent testimony for legislation in the Texas House of Representatives and Senate, met Wendy Davis and worked with other lovely women in her nonprofit, Deeds Not Words, trained over 150 new peer educators, and helped plan two campus campaigns (Round Up for Consent and and Denim Day) that engaged hundreds of students. As we hold more events, we continue to expand and reach more people, and I aim to one day spread NOMC’s message and curriculum to every student at UT and at universities across the United States. We are already coming up with new plans for this semester, and I am so excited to see what we accomplish.

It is crazy to think that I will soon become president of NOMC, and while I am dreading the day that the 2018 exec members leave me, I am thrilled to have another year with this organization. I have so many more ideas and can’t wait to help NOMC grow and impact as many people as possible.

At UT, what starts here changes the world, and with Not On My Campus, I feel I truly have.